It appears that when using Percentage width columns AND Filters on those columns that the percentage width is applied to the generated HTML for the select field.  I would think that the width of the column should NEVER be applied to the style for the Filter select field (or any other contents of the column) and they should be allowed to fill the cell completely.

Follow up: There also appears to be a problem with PERCENT width columns set to NOWRAP.  The class generated for the style uses a pixel width when it should not resulting in chopped text.

I see some other likely problems with the percent width columns and the resultant table generated but don't have time to get into testing all of the options.

As with all the TMS controls the grid is very useful but seems that there are a lot of issues caused by adding code after the fact and breaking functionality, especially with the nice features like percent columns etc.

I've have made my own modifications to the code base to resolve these issues for now but would rather have TMS make the changes as I'm sure I've missed some things.

We'll investigate this and when possible, we'll try to improve this behavior in case percentage width type is selected.

There also seems to be something going on with the Firebird / Gecko support for percent columns as the grid does not honor it's RIGHT anchor and just places the right side of the grid somewhere in the middle... the <DIV does not have a width component, etc. it seems while in Chrome and IE it does.

This may be due some of the minor changes I made to fix the percent handle mentioned earlier but perhaps you could test all the browsers to make sure they perform correctly.

Sorry, I meant 'FIREFOX'... I've got Firebird on the bird-brain...

I have not been able to reproduce any of the issues with percent width columns in Firefox (or IE, Chrome).

Can you please provide a ready to use sample project that demonstrates the issues?
That way I can see exactly what settings you are using and further investigate this.

Thanks Bart.

I will attempt to isolate a demo.  I think it does the same thing with the NON DB aware control but I'll find out when I have time.