TIWDBAdvWebGrid read cell data

What is the meening of the Name property of the column of the grid? i.e how can it be used?
How to read the cell value of the grid? It seem's the Cells function of the TIWDBAdvWebGrid grid does not exist.


- The Columns[].Name property is used for identification purposes only and it's value is displayed in the Collection Editor (opened from double-clicking the Columns property in the Object Inspector).

-  You can use the CellValues function: TIWDBAdvWebGrid1.CellValues[ColumnIndex, RowIndex]

I have problem with this method. CellValues returns right values only on first page.


Can you please try to use the RowOffset value to increase the RowIndex parameter?

  TIWDBAdvWebGrid1.CellValues[ColumnIndex, RowIndex + TIWDBAdvWebGrid1.RowOffset];