TIWClock - no alignment


i'm trying to align the TIWClock to the center, but it's not working.
i need it in a frame, but even when i try it on a form (with no region or frame), in a new and clean SA project, i can't change it's alignment.
what am i missing please?



Can you try to put the IWClock control on an IWRegion?
Then set the IWClick Align to alClient and Aligntment to taCenter.

hi Bart

ok that works, thanks.
is that the only way to make the Aligntment to work properly?  only inside it's own region...?
do you think it's "fixable" to work without a region?


Hi Yaron,

At this time this is the recommended way to make alignment work.
I'll investigate if the behavior can be improved in a future version so an extra IWRegion is no longer necessary.