TIWAdvWebGrid - slow update/display

(Sorry, I posted this originally in the "General" section)
Can anyone give me some pointers on how to speed up the display / update of the TIWAdvWebGrid?
I performed a test that loaded 500 records into a TIWAdvWebGrid compared to a TIWGrid. 
TIWAdvWebGrid - 25 seconds
TIWGrid - 4 seconds
The test includes retrieving the records from SQL server and loading them into each of the respective grids.
Any suggestions on how to decrease the delay on the TIWAdvWebGrid will be appreciated!
Best regards,
Scott Gast

I'd suggest to use asynchronous paging for this type of usage. As TTIWAdvWebGrid has a significant amount of more cell level capabilities, this unfortunately has the side effect that a cell involves more HTML code than the basic cell from TIWGrid. If you do not want to use async paging, we'd really need to have a look at the formatting of your columns / cells to see if there are things that can be further optimized.

I will check out the async paging and see what kind of results I get... all of the columns in the grid are normal although I am using column header sorting.