TIWAdvWebGrid header question

Hi all,

In the Grid header, I set the following visual properties:

Indicator Format='Page %d of %d'
RowCountSelectLabelAfter='rows per page'

Together with Alignment=taCenter it is all show on the center, but without any option of defining in which order and it is put relatively close to each other.

Even though it is working and is usable, it would be nice to be able to format the line a bit. If possible in 3 sections: Left, Center and Right. That way the page buttons could be on the left side of the header, the page xx of yy in the center, and the rowperpage selection on the right.

Would it be possible to use the HTML caption string as a full header with all options added and placed left, right and center as described above and if, would anyone know how to do that ?



Unfortunately this is currently not supported.
The formatting and alignment of the header objects is fixed.

Would it be possible to link to the data (pagecounter and text) i java in the Caption text. Like with a template ?

I'm not sure I understand your question correctly.
Can you please explain this in more detail?

The Controller has a caption, which is HTML. It means It's possible to use HTML tags as part of the text. When clicked at design time, a designer opens up and it appears to be possible to write multiple likes. It might be a mistake as I would think the Caption is just a single line in the header itself (I've tried with simple text and it's shown next to the direction buttons), but if it is right, and one can add HTML tags, I'm thinking it might be a way of adding placeholders / tags for the elements like direction buttons, row selection combobox and page numbers, and that way allow the user to format the header row as he wishes. I understand it was not intended as such, but would it be a possible route to a solution ?

That could be a possible to solution but it would most likely require some non-trivial changes to the component source to make this work.

Ok, thanks for your replies. I'll live with the current situation for now :-)