TIWAdvWebGrid and Bootstrap 4 and 5


How do make TIWAdvWebGrid work with Bootstrap 4 and 5?
I'm using Master Template and all TIWAdvWebGrid Async events wrong value for RowIndex, ColumnIndex, Value.



Please note that unfortunately TIWAdvWebGrid was not designed to be used in combination with Bootstrap. As such the component has not been tested with Bootstrap.
Do you see the correct event values when the master template and bootstrap are disabled?

Works fine when the master template are disabled.

Is some unofficial way to get TIWAdvWebGrid to work with Bootstrap?

Unfortunately we are not aware of a possibility to make TTIWAdvWebGrid compatible with Bootstrap without making significant, non-trivial changes to the source code.

It works. Problem solved.

When i set:
IWTemplateProcessorHTML1.MasterFromTag := True;
IWTemplateProcessorHTML1.RenderStyles := False;
IWAdvWebGrid works with Bootstrap. The values in the events are valid.

Thank you for informing about the fix!