TIWAdvEdit FontColor IE8


I am using some TIWAdvEdit components with

BGColor = clGradientInactiveCaption (light blue)
Font.Color = clWebBlack
Enabled = true;
Editable = false;
ReadOnly = true;

(BTW: What is the difference in setting Enabled = false, Editable = false or ReadOnly = true? Seems to be the same to me?)

In FireFox all is shown as expected (always black font), in IE8 the Font is shown in a 3d style with gray color when Enabled = false or Editable = false ... its not a big bug, but very confusing

Server runs on Windows 7, Delphi XE2, CompPack Pro 5.0


The behavior of the IWAdvEdit control is identical to that of the default IWEdit control when using the Enabled, Editable or ReadOnly properties.

The difference in appearance is because of the way that different browsers display a disabled edit input. This appearance is browser related rather than control related.

Have you tried setting all 3 properties to True or NonEditableAsLabel to true? This should display the font color more consistently across browsers.

Sorry for my late answer, but I am trying to use the TIWAdvChart component - difficult to find the correct settings as no preview is available - try and error 8/

What is the differrence between Enabled, Editable and ReadOnly? Seems to me that this are 3 properties for the same thing?


As already explained, this is inherited from the standard IntraWeb TIWEdit control. There are subtle differences for the use of these three properties. When Enabled = false, the control will be grayed, which is not the case when just Editable = false for example.  Please understand that technical support for standard IntraWeb functionality is offered by Atozed software.