TinspectorItem Picklist deletes TextValue


with an InspectorBar containing a TInspectorPanel with Style=psProperties I have the following problem with the Items:

With an Item with PropertyType=ptValuesList containing a TextValue of e.g 'ABCD' and 'ABCD' is not in the picklist of that item, the value field is cleared when opening the picklist.

I have Items that contain values that where valid in the past but since then the picklist may have changed and the old entries must not be cleared.

Any hints or is it possible to modify the component to not clear the edit field when the picklist is being opened?


This is inherent to combobox behavior with csDropDownList style.  

When this style is chosen, the text can only be one of the values of ComboBox.Items , so the InspectorBar with a property ctValuesList internally also uses a combobox with style csDropDownList and as such, inherits this specific behavior.

Thanks for your answer!

Is it feasable to improve the component to support also the styles csDropDown or csSimple for the Valuelist-Picker?


This is what the item property type ptValues does. It comes down to using a combobox with csDropDown style as editor.

Thank you,

this is good news. Unfortunately the manual doesn't mention anything so I had to waste our time.


Just one additional comment:

this works as expected, but the edit box is flickering badly when hovering with the mouse over the edit field.

We have applied an improvement for this that will be included in the next update.

Great, thank you !

Just one more thing :-)

the InspectorBar OnEditStart event fires twice.

Thanks for reporting. It is fixed now. Next update will address this.