When the item caption is too long the text is "ellipsed", excellent.
When the mouse is over captions that have been ellipsed, I would like to have the full caption appear. IIRC, the grid does that. If the inspection bar does it I have not found the property. I do not what "hints" for all the items.




If you set the long text also in TInspectorItem.Hint, this is the hint text that will be shown for the item when the mouse hovers it.

Thanks for the response.

I do not what "hints" for all the items.

How am I to know which text will the "long" and automatically ellipsed?

You set Hint = empty string for items where you do not want this.
There is at this moment not a function included that will perform an exact calculation of the width of the caption text. You'd need to do this at application level.

Thanks for the response.