Timer not working or flush problem

I am trying to convert an application that reads a serial string from AsyncPro to TMSAsync32 For some reason my enabled timer does not seem to work or trigger my second event that I am using to clean code.  I used the capture demo snippet to create a sample. I have two procedures 1. To capture a raw string. 2. To clean my string of unwanted characters. (see below) I am also trying to set this up for two different devices. The first is a continuous, the second requires 'W' + #13^M to be sent to request the string from the device.  I can get my procedures to work manually with out the timer and use with a button but the response is very slow.   Cannot understand why the timer does not work yet it works so easy everywhere else. Maybe I need to flush buffers. Any help is appreciated.

procedure TForm1.VaComm1RxChar(Sender: TObject; Count: Integer);
  I: Integer;
  Tmp: string[10];

   // Flush - How can I flush.
   // need to send to request string.
   //:= 'W' + #13^M

  //read data from comport
  Tmp := VaComm1.ReadText;
  Memo2.Lines.Text := Memo2.Lines.Text + Tmp;
  sleep (300);
  LabelRawstring.caption := tmp;

  for I := 1 to Length(Tmp) do
    case Tmp of
      #10:; //skip this one 
      #13:  //Waiting for this?
          FMessage := '';  //reset received message
      else //not #10 or #13
        FMessage := FMessage + Tmp;



// Second procedure off timer to clean characters.

I:    Integer;
L:    Integer;
C:    Char;
S:    string;
WGT:  string;

  WGT := '';
  C := '.';  { Decimal Separator }
  S := LabelRawString.caption;

  L := Length(S);
  for I := 1 to L do
    if (S in [C,'0'..'9']) then  { Only Decimal Separator & Digits }
      WGT := WGT + S;

  LabelWGT.caption := WGT;


With the information/code above, I do not fully understand what you are doing. I see some code "procedure of timer", does that mean this code is added to the timer's OnTimer event? Is this event OnTimer not triggering at all? I cannot see anything here with TMS Async that would block a timer's OnTimer event from being triggered. Can you please provide more details how this timer is setup and how exactly you would see interference between TMS Async & the timer.

Oops. My device was waiting for a carriage return after the send character that I had not defined quite right.