TimePickerDropDown Help


I use the editor "TimePickerDropDown" in my AdvStringGrid and I would like to customize it. Unfortunately, I have not found any documentation about the following parameters :
- WatchAppearance (type TWatchAppearance).
- WatchSettings (type TWatchSettings).

Where can I find some documentation about the TimePickerDropDown object?

I'm using TAdvStringGrid version for Delphi/c++ Builder XE2.

Thank you for your help.

WatchAppearance: this controls color & fonts used in the watch displayed in the dropdown. I'd think that property names are intuitive. Something like HourPointer: TColor sets the color of the hour pointer. You can experiment also with these settings with the TAdvWatch component where you'll see the effect of changing these properties on the watch on the form.

Auto: watch will automatically follow machine time
Second: when true, display the seconds pointer
Timeoffset: add an offset to the machine time to display in the watch