TimeIndicator line

Is there any way to get the TimeIndicator line to display in all the planner columns instead of just in the sidebar? (like it does f.ex. in the google calendar on todays date)

I tested this which seemed to have no effect:
 .Sidebar.TimeIndicatorType := tiFullLine;

I cannot see an issue with this here. When setting TimeIndicator = true and TimeIndicatorType = tiFullLine, the current time indicator line appears for all columns

Thanks, I found the problem, I was not setting Mode.Day and Mode.Month to todays date, and then the line did not display.

The customer which got this timeline enabled now complains that the timeline disappears when switching focus to another program in windows and back to our program, and when they click in the cell where the timeline is showing and then in another cell again, the timeline is gone. Let me know if you need more info to reproduce this issue.

They also suggested it would be nice with some settings to decide if the timeline would show behind or on top of appointments like now, and to control the thickness of the line.  They would also like to have it partly transparent so they could see the text in the appointments more clear even if the timeline was on top of it.

I cannot reproduce that the timeindicator disappears when the focus switches.

Can you please try to isolate this and provide some sample source app + detailed steps with which we can reproduce this here.
We'll consider an option to show the timeindicator on top or not of items for a future update.