TIdGenerator.SmartGuid alternativr

I like very much the various options Aurelius offers for the TIdGenerator.

Lately, I was surfing the Internet and stumbled upon theTwitter ID (Snowflake)
Snowflake is a network service for generating unique ID numbers at high scale with some simple guarantees.
(cfr. https://github.com/twitter-archive/snowflake/tree/b3f6a3c6ca8e1b6847baa6ff42bf72201e2c2231)

I have then searched with Google, looking for a Delphi implementation of the Twitter ID (Snowflake) thing, but found nothing.

Do you think it would be useful to implement it in Aurelius, as a further TIdGenerator type?


Looks like Snowflake is in  "twitter-archive" account and has not been updated in 7 years? Is it being used?

In any case, the generator architecture of Aurelius is modular, users can build new generators themselves. It's very feasible that you add a TidSnowflakeGenerator very easily. 
You can learn from code. All id generators in Aurelius are in units named Aurelius.Id.*.pas (for example, Aurelius.Id.IdentityOrSequence.pas) and they are often very simple source code.