TIDEEngine and TwebBrowser


Under Delphi XE I have imported (with Scripter Studio Import tools) SHDocVw.pas which contains TWebBrowser.

I have add it to component bar with :
 IDEEngine1.RegisterComponent('TEST', TWebBrowser, 'SHDocVw');

I design time with TIDEEngine when I drop a TWebBrowser and try to move, resize it I get an error "Not implemented".

But when I execute it works.

This is a bug in TWebBrowser, some properties just fails to be read, and object inspector raises that error. The only workaround is to filter out those properties, then it works fine. Use this (code below applies to IDEPro demo and you can adapt to your application):

procedure TForm1.OnCreateEditor(Sender: TObject);
  IDEEngine1.Inspector.OnFilter := DoFilter;
procedure TForm1.DoFilter(Sender: TObject; Prop: TProperty;
  var Result: Boolean);
  if (Prop.Instance.ClassType = TWebBrowser) then
    if SameText(Prop.Name, 'Resizable') or SameText(Prop.Name, 'StatusText') then
      Result := false;