TIDEEngine and TIDEFormDesignControl


We are a company that is improving VCL Application in Rad Studio XE8. We bought your packets of TMS Scripter and TMS Components. We are making regulation screen with using the component of TIDEEngine and TIDEFormDesignControl which is in the packet of TMS Scripter. I have several questions about that objects.
1) Is there any event mechanism which prevent to delete controls that is on the form or working event mechanism when it is deleted. I checked but i didn't find it.
2) How i can get the chosen list of control when the quantity of control become one over on form during design? I can get only one with following command. I need a property that can be get more.

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1) Not directly. There are some workarounds you can use, for example disable keyboard (to avoid DELETE key) using ProctectMode property. But that prevents other keys from processing as well. There is event OnSelectionChange that is fired if controls are deleted.

2) You should use the object inspector to get the current list of selection. Use the properties InstanceCount and Instances to know the currently selected components.


Good information. Thank you so much for your help.

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Sounds like a missing feature request to me. =)