TIDEEEngine add option to register component tab


By default 'Standard', 'Additional', 'Win32' and 'Dialogs' component tab are registred in 'TIDEEEngine'.
If I don't want to use it I need to add :

I don't need these component for example if I use edit  from TMS Component.
Why no to add properties in TIDEEngine component to load/register these components tabs by default ?

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Those tabs are created on creation of TIDEEngine class. I don't think any property will help here without breaking backward compatibility, I mean, the tabs will have to be registered then unregistered again.

Is the current approach causing any trouble to you?


I use TideDialog for my end user but I don't want they use Delphi Standard components.

To not break backward compatibility why not to add Boolean property set to true by default ?
Like :
 AutoLoadSandardComponents:Boolean write FAutoLoadSandardComponents Read FAutoLoadSandardComponents default true;
AutoLoadAdditionalComponents:Boolean write FAutoLoadAdditionalComponents Read AutoLoadAdditionalComponents default true;

Because the property won't make it "not load", it will just "unload", since the tabs are loading upon creation of TIDEEngine. Again, what troubes does the current approach of calling UnregisterTab is causing to you?

It's was just a feature request to avoid load/unload...
Loading something by default and unload it after because you doesn't use it take time, memory, and can do memory leak etc. I use TMS Scripter in a software which use a lot of third party components (no far to 6 000 000 lines of code). So when I can avoid this it's better for the stability/speed/memory of our software.