TiCloudCalendar login incorrect


I'm trying to connect to my iCloud Calendar (and iClodContacts), but I'm getting a 'Invalid Username or password' everytime. I'm using the iCloud Calendar/Contacts demo projects.

Of course, login information is correct. I have tried with xxx@me.com xxx@icloud.com with same result. I can Access iCloud via web using the same login information.

Are these components still working, or may I change the URL, etc.?


Luis C.

I could see the issue here too today, so it looks like Apple must have changed something wrt access to their server. We'll need to investigate this.

Did you generate and use app-specific password? https://support.apple.com/en-my/HT204397

It appears that there are issues using caldav & carddav access to iCloud when two factor authentication is enabled for your account. It is unclear how this needs to be handled for the caldav & carddav access protocol. We will need to investigate if and how this can be solved.

Any update?

Sadly we have not yet found clear documentation from Apple on what could be changed or how to address this. We keep investigating this.

Any news - We need a solution ASAP!!!!

Apple obviously did changes (we are not aware of, we had not been informed about and that we cannot find documentation about), so it is absolutely not trivial to investigate a solution for this.

Other people are reporting similar issues with other application.

Does TMS support App-Specific passwords?

Sorry, at this moment not.

Another month has passed ? Any update?

Sorry, all in our team are so busy on other projects that we haven't been able to allocate time on this.

Another month has passed ? Any update?

I'm afraid it's Apple fault. They changed or deleted the option to access icloud calendar this way.

So TMS is no longer going to support it?

We have not found any public Apple documentation on the changed spec so far, so if Apple 'hides' this and we don't find a workaround by trial & error, there is sadly little we can do.

Why do you still have this component when it does not work!!

Backwards compatibility for users who did not switch to two factor authentication