THTMListBox image position -> DPI Problem


I've purchased the HTML Components pack. My problem is with THTMListbox. In windows 8.1 with a high DPI screen and 200% scaling, the images in my htmlitstbox are not aligned properly with their corresponding images. I have already set align ="middle" but to no avail.

I'm using ImageList with THTMListBox, I also tried picture container but same results.

However, the same app in my other PC using windows 7 is displayed perfectly well.

Here's my application running on Windows 7 on a normal LED monitor:

and here's my application on windows 8.1 high dpi screen and 200% scaling:

Please help me.


We have applied an improvement for this. Next update will have this improvement.

That's a relief. Thank you for offering great products. I'll be waiting for the next update.

Unfortunately, even the new version does not solve the problem yet.

Can you please contact us by email with some sample source showing the issue so we have exact circumstances / details to reproduce this problem here?