THTMLButton have not effect


Why in THTMLButton these properties have no effect :

  • Color
  • DownColor
  • ShadowColor
  • VaAlignement

Same for THTMLLabel :

  • HoverColor
  • HoverFontColor
    => When Hover=True

When Background = SfNormal
Because I only want set a normal color (background) without gradient. In this case how to change start or end color like we can do in HTMLLabel (color and colorTo) ?

Full Sample in attachment.

Tested with UI PACK on Delphi 11.3 compiled 32 bits on Windows 10 or 11 64 bits. (1,5 Ko)

ScreenShot : This is a strange gradient (1 line height) !

Button.Flat = true
Label.Transparent = false

Hello Bruno,

And Hover for HTMLLabel is for URL link not the full Label area like form HTMLButton.
Thank you very much it's work fine.

Hover was designed to be for links in the HTMLabel