through-line in excel

whether the component support: Repeating a Table Header on each page when printing document

or i must by himself duplicate? 

In the grid itself, you can set:

grid.PrintSettings.RepeatFixedRows := true


i set this property but through-line in excel not work. Can you send me simple demo project?

I do not understand your remark.
PrintSettings apply to printing the grid and not to Excel import or export.

Sorry, i want say that this property not work in TMS. 

I expected that when printing this property will repeat cap on each page of the document (like through-line in excel)

I cannot see a problem here.
Is grid.FixedRows > 0 ?

If a problem persists, please provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce this here.

i must himself set FixedRows or Component read from excel?

in excel i set ($6:$11

grid.FixedRows should be used. 
I cannot read the dialog, so it is unclear what is set there, but grid.FixedRows is not imported via AdvGridExcelIO.

not imported via AdvGridExcelIO - bad(( 

whether you plan to automatic reading this property from xml file in the next TMS pack version?

Sorry, we do not have plans for this as it doesn't directly map on the TAdvStringGrid feature set.