Theme and style for a project

For my project I use some TAdvSmoothMegaMenu and, for a complete and coherent user interface, I manually modify a reference TAdvSmoothMegaMenu and use the 'save theme'  / 'load theme' functions for the other menus.

It's OK but this theme function is not available for the other components I use like TAdvSmoothPanel or TAdvGlowButton. For them I can use the style function, with, TAdvFormStyler but it seems to be limited to predefined looks not to my own custom look.

Is there any way to use theme for all the components in a Form ?

Sorry, the Theme functionality is only available on the TAdvSmoothMegaMenu, this is on our todolist for full Theme support in the smooth controls. You can however achieve similar themes by copying the fill class property :

AdvSmoothPanel1.Fill.assign(AdvSmoothMegaMenu1.Fill) or any fill you wish. 

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

Thanks Pieter, in fact I yet use, in code, the assign function for it, I just post here because I think it is a good idea to extend it to the other controls.