The "share" icon

Is the "share" icon accessible to WEB Core apps? I was on a web page on my phone that someone recommended and I highlighted the URL and clicked Copy, then I saw a popup with different things to do, including the "Share" option. Hmmmm... I clicked it and was able to paste it into an app on my phone (SimpleNote) that I was going to do manually. It made me curious about two things simultaneously:

  1. how did it do that? IOW, how did it connect to the app and do some kind of an "Add/Insert" operation on it so the URL got added as a new note to SimpleNote? (If it matters, I think the app was already running, but I'm not totally sure.)

  2. Can we access that "Share" icon in our WEB Core apps? I figure if the browser can do it, then something running IN the browser has a good chance of accessing it as well, no? (just guessing)

The reason is I want to add the ability to make some notes in a WEB Core app and then click a [Save] button that does something pre-defined with the note. Simply adding a new note to an app like SimpleNote would be great. Or just bringing up the Share option is fine as well.

Ideally, I'd like the user to be able to go into the Settings page and select what to do with a note each time you click that [Send] button so it's automaticl; then I could show a little alert saying something like, "Note added to Xyz app" or whatever.

FWIW, my phone runs Android, but I see the same thing regularly on my iPad. Not on my Mac or Windows, tho. In this case, there's about a 99% likelihood the app will be running on a mobile device.

Mobile OS's have extra sharing support (iOS calls it a share sheet I think, not sure what Android calls it) that is used to do what you're after. I've not tried it myself but there is a TWebShare component in the TMS WEB Core docs that indicates support for this.

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