The fastest way to ignore formulas

I think excel stores the calculated value in the cell, in addition to the formula.
If I want to ignore the formula, just read the value as a constant.( import speed).
What is the most effective way?
Besides formulas with date, I do not need to use formulas when importing.
Thank you in advance
You can try with xls.IgnoreFormulaText := true;  (see )

It doesn't make a big difference, but you can avoid the time needed to create a text representation for the formula from the internal formula representation. You will still get a TFormula, but the text will be empty. In any case, whatever the value of this property, you will always get the calculated values stored in the cell unless you manually recalculate. (or save or do some operation that triggers a recalculation)

Can't I skip TCellValueType.Formula in v.ValueType when xls.IgnoreFormulaText=true?

For example v.AsNumber as response and not v.ToNumberInvariant etc?

Not really, you will still get a tformula with the result in formula.result. But it will be as fast as if it we returned a number