TGDIPPictureContainer - how to set image sizes?

Is there a way to individually change the image sizes of a GDIPPictureContainer?
I'm trying to use some SVGs with Megamenu through PictureContainer, but the images shows a lot bigger than the menu items, and couldn't find a way to set them smaller.

I neither could show transparent images on menu items using ImageList. I've read a topic that said it only could be done by using PictureContainer. Isn't there yet a way to use transparency on Menu Items graphics using ImageList?

One more question: Won't MegaMenu support VirtualImageList? Couldn't the ImageList property be a TCustomImageList? TGDIPMenu uses TCustomImageList.

About changing the size, I found in the documentation to use <IMG height/width...>.
Ok, I could change sizes with it, but ended up with 3 other issues to solve:
1-This way we lose Graphic Hover/Selected/Disabled features that would automatically change pics.
2-I could not make it align vertically with text. The text always stay at the top, both in menu root items and on subitems(section menu items). The documentation of HTML tags support shows that align="middle/top/bottom" would align the image with the text, but on megamenu all I've got was with the text on top, regardless the align parameter. Tried with/without <P></P>, upper/lower case, with the text between <img src=...>xxx</img>, and other ways. Could not make pic vert. align with text.
3-SVGs did not render/resize well. The images went toothed. Custom sized PNGs resulted much better.

We changed the interface to use TCustomImageList that will enable the use of a TVirtualImageList and you can connection this to an TSVGImageCollection and obtain automatically sized images this way.
In the TGDIPPictureContainer there is at this moment not a way to individually set image sizes. Images are returned with their original size.