TGCalendar color


I can't figure out how to set the color for a calendar when I create it. I tried to use (for example):

  GCal: TGCalendar;
  GCal := GCalen.Calendars.Add;
  GCal.Summary := FName;
  GCal.Color := ccBoldRed;
  GCal.BackgroundColor := clRed;
  GCal.ForegroundColor := clRed;
  ... etc etc

But every time Google sets a different color. I trie to use each property one by one, an also all together.

How can I set a fixed color for the whole calendar?

Thank you !!


At this time Google Calendar color settings can only be retrieved but not set via TAdvGCalendar.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll investigate if this functionality can be added in a future version of TMS VCL Cloud Pack.

Thank you!; problem is ... every time I re-create the calendar, Google is setting a different color. So users can't use color as a reference.