TFormSize strange problem


i already know, it's very strange, but ... when i call

with Location := plIniFile all is fine.

when i set Location := plDatabase , at lines  597 .. of your source code,

            if DataBinding.FieldPosX <> '' then
              fld := FindField(DataBinding.FieldPosX);
              if Assigned(fld) then
                fld.AsInteger := (Owner as TForm).Left;

i have an exception "Invalid class typecast" at line

                fld.AsInteger := (Owner as TForm).Left;

because "(Owner as TForm)" doesn't works.

When i use the debugger, i see that Owner is the form, the Name is the right name, ecc..

The only "particular" thing is that Owner is a MDIChild form, could it be this the reason ? but apparently i have the same problem with a normal form.



Does it help in your app when you change this to:

fld.AsInteger := (Owner as TCustomForm).Left;

Hi Bruno,

no, the exception remains. I'm sorry, i had already made this test, i forgot to tell you this thing.

other tests include putting

 i := (Owner as TCustomForm).Left;

where i is a Integer (no success)

If i change the instruction to (adding my unit to Uses)

 i := (Owner as TMyForm).Left;

the exception remains the same.

I also tested using


saving the values explicitly, without closing the form.

Bruno, i think i've found...

I think the instruction

          with FDataLink.DataSource.DataSet do

"changes" the Owner property used in that context.

if i change the instruction to

(Self.Owner as TForm).Left;

is all fine.

Good catch!
We've fixed this. Fix will be in the next release.

Hi, another problem of the same kind.... I have many forms (each one with a TFormSize component) and one dataset in a datamodule, that connects the TFormSize components to my database.

at line 594 of TFormsize.pas, there is

            fld := FindField(DataBinding.FieldFormName);
            if Assigned(fld) then
              fld.AsString := Owner.Name;

also in these instructions the "Owner" is the property of the dataset component, not the TFormsize component. So, in the database i have in the FIELDFORMNAME field with the name of the datamodule, not the name of the form that contanis TFormSize.

Regards, ciao !


You're correct! Thanks for pointing out. We've fixed this now.