TFormSize reset the Position to default

  1. create a vcl application with 2 Forms and 2 TFormSize (save in registry). add a button at form1 that showModal form2
  2. start the application move form1 to right side of the Monitor and showModal form2 to the right Side of the Monitor and close the Application. The Position of the 2 Window are saved.
  3. start the application again and close without showModal form2. now the form2 position is reset to default.
  4. start the application again and showModal form2.

I tested this here but I could not see a problem here in a dual monitor situation.
Test app is included. (52.9 KB)


some Customer from my Software reportet the Problem.

Step 1 move the 2 Forms and close the Programm

Step 2. Start the Programm again (Form1 is correct) and close it.

Step 3. Start the Programm again and show Form2 with the Button. Now you can see the Form2 at a wrong Position. (25.9 KB)

I'm sorry but I can not reproduce this.
Are you 100% sure you use the latest version of the component?

yes Delphi 10.4.2 and the latest Version vom TMSVclUIPack.

  1. start the application move form1 to right side, open form2 and move form2 to right side

  2. start the application and do nothiung and close

  3. start the application and and open form2. form2 is now in wrong position

i use a 4k Monitor, but the Bug is also at a normal Monitor to reproduce.

Greeting from Germany

I still do not get the behavior you describe.
Here, in your step 1, opening form2, it already opens on the right side, I do not need to move it to the right side.