TFlxFormat.Format String

I am assuming that the TFlxFormat.Format string is what is used to tell a cell that it is a date, comma, $, how many decimals, etc.  However, when I click on the Format in help, I get a broken link.

Where can I find out how to set the format for dates and numerics?

Thanks in advance.

Rick Stephens

TFlxFormat.Format contains an Excel formatting string. There is tons of documentation on them in the internet, just google about them.

This is an example I just found out:

Also pressing F1 in Excel will show you help about how to format a cell.
The only thing you need to take in count is that it needs to be an english string.

So, for example to have 2 decimals you could use:
but no
No matter if your locale uses "," as decimal separator.
Same for dates, it is always "yyyy" for year, and not "aaaa" as it would be in spanish.

If you have installed FlexCel 6 in your machine, you can use a tool named APIMate (start menu->tms flexcel->tools). If you format a cell in Excel the way you want it, save the file and open it in APIMAte, you'll get the Format string you need to enter in FlexCel (which is the same as Excel's format, but always in english). While APIMate is for FlexCel 6, format strings are exactly the same in 3 or 6, and the same as Excel too.

Awesome. Got it. Thanks again!