TFlexCelReport ColumnWidth

is there a way to have <#column width()> with parametr, like
<#column width(<#width0>)> ?
Tho only way I have figured out is to have <#Preprocess><#w0>, where w0 is expression with user function returning
prepared text <#column width(50)>


Was this tested with 6.17.3?

I tried it here, by writing:
<#column width(<#width0>)
in a cell, and then the code:

fr := TFlexCelReport.Create(true);
fr.SetValue('width0', 50);
fr.Run('r:\cw.xlsx', 'r:\cw1.xlsx');

 and it worked fine.

I ask about the version because the ability to use expressions in colwidth/row height was added in 6.17:
(look for <#row height> and tags in reports now accept expressions )

If this is happening in 6.17 please let me know and we will look into it. If you are using an older version (maybe because the bug you reported in XE4), then it has already been fixed and we will be releasing a new 6.17.5 version in some hours with it fixed.

Please let me know the version you were using. If you were using 6.17 we might still have time to look at it and fix it before releasing 6.17.5.

Thx for quick reply.
No, wasn't tested with latest version.
I have to confirm works well in XE3 and XE4

Next time I have to read whatsnew more carefully :-)
Thank you