In my template I have formula to sum values.
In Preview I can see nothing, but when I open Excel File,
everything Is fine.

I thought if the problem is not custom format of the cell, tried format the cell as number
but with same result.

Am I doing something wrong ?


How are you creating the file that you are displaying in the previewer? FlexCel should recalculate the file before saving it, except if you set recalculation to manual. But if you are opening a file created by another app (or maybe something using FlexCel 3 which didn't recalculate ?), it might be that it is not recalculated.

If the file is not recalculated, you should be able to fix this by calling xls.Recalc(true) before showing the preview. But of course, this is only needed if the original file wasn't recalculated.

Hi, I save the file after the Preview.
But xls.Recalc(true) solves the problem.
Thank you very much for quick reply