any advise for using TFlexCelPreviewer with large number of pages regarding memory consumption? Are there any properties I can set? 
The first page is displayed very quickly, scrolling through a large xls file is very slow and quickly I get a out of memory exception. (using the vcl version)
(I don't need thumbnails in that case)
Changing the CacheSize Property of TFlexCelPreviewer to 5 has no significant effect.

Printing the same document with TFlexCelPrintDocument however is quick.


Are you using a big zoom?  As the cachesize is per page, if pages are huge they can use a lot of memory. But the total size of the file shouldn't matter, since only a fixed number of pages stays in the cache. When a new page is rendered and the cache is full, an old page will be removed from the cache to give place to the new one.

If memory is constantly growing, then there might be some leak somewhere. Can you send me a file that shows the problem to so I can see what is going on? (if the file is too big,  upload it to dropbox or somewhere and send me the link)

Thanks for the file, I got it and I can confirm it is too slow. I'll investigate and let you know once I find out what is happening.

Just to let you know it is fixed, it was the cache of merged cells (and the file had a lot of merged cells) that was being cloned and should just be copied by reference. Now with the fix the file scrolls really fast.

It will be available in a couple of days when we release 6.7.2

6.7.2 is out and it should fix this. Sorry about the delays.