TFlexCelPreviewer AV

Hi, I have got AV , when compiled wit XE4.

I have tried to compile your Demo App
25.Printing adn Exporting\20.CustomPreview and the same problem.
The Thumbs and Main Preview instead of showing content of loaded file end with
red crosses and AV's.

My app and your demo compiled with XE3 works fine.

FlexCel Version: 6.17.3

Thanks for reporting this. There seems indeed to be a bug in XE4 (and XE5), and we could reproduce it here. We are investigating what is happening and will let you know as as soon as we find out.

Ok, thx

Please check with 6.17.5, which we just released. I think it should fix this for XE4 and XE5.

For anyone interested the cause was an array[0..3] of TArray<array of int32> which the XE4/5 compiler didn't like and caused the AV. I replaced it with a array[0..3, 0..3, 0..3] and now it is working fine. In any case, with a bug like this in the compiler, I would personally recommend to move at least to XE6 anyway.

XE 4 works well, thank you for patch.
Btw: I have switched from XE3 to XE4 because for bug in compiler. So who knows what surprise is
hidden in XE6?