TextCell Background Color

The TextCell has properties Color and Transparent. The Help states that setting Transparent false will show the TextCell background in Color. 

However, despite lots of testing of these properties and all the others applicable to TextCell such as Brush and Visible, I have been unable to make this happen! The TextCell always remains transparent.

Does anyone have a demo of this in action?

Actually these properties are in TTextCellFrame, and you have to make the CellFrame visible. Setting the following properties should work:

  TextCell.CellFrame.Color := DesiredColor;
  TextCell.CellFrame.Brush.Style := bsClear;
  TextCell.CellFrame.Transparent := false;
  TextCell.CellFrame.AutoFrame := true;
  TextCell.CellFrame.Visible := true;

Ricardo Samila
TMS Software Team