Text vs control alignment in TAdvOfficeCheckBox and Radiobutton

After updating to VCL UI Pack 10.5.9, I found the text caption of all Checkboxes and Radiobuttons shifted towards the top. Awkward...
From version history, I see it was introduce in v10.5.8 with this entry:
"Improved : Text vs control rendering for different vertical alignment in TAdvOfficeRadioButton / TAdvOfficeCheckBox"

While this might be an improvement, could you pleeeease make the default value "tlCenter" instead of the current "tlTop". Now I have to chase hundreds of Checkboxes and Radiobuttons throughout my softwares, just to make them look as before again...

All the Best,

Thanks for highlighting this breaking change! It prompted me to check closely (we only use this component in a couple of forms, but they have a lot of checkboxes) and I have dropped back to the previous version for this source file.

I agree tlCenter as default would be more appropriate. We will adapt this.