Text background color saved as black (instead of assigned color) when saving advRichEditor in RTE format

Dear all

Another issue with TAdvRichEditor (ARE).

I add text (with different formats, colors and background colors, and images) to ARE (see screenshot below):

As saving [advREReport.SaveToFile(SaveDlg.FileName)] and loading [advREReport.LoadFromFile(OpenDlg.FileName)] of RTE files is much quicker as with RTF files, I use the RTE format. When reloading, the light blue background color of the first line has changed to black.

The black background color can be changed from black to blue with: advREReport.SetSelectionBkColor(ColorDlg.Color);
But as there are several BGcolored lines, I do not want to repair manually.

The RTF file is sent by email as example.
TMS Background color.zip (562 Bytes)

Thank you one again for your help.

Can you please also send the .RTE file as this contains the exact TAdvRichEditor content so we can at least start reproducing this based on the full actual TAdvRichEditor content before it gets exported (converted) to RTF?