TEditListBox not working in virtual mode

Hi, I'm trying to use the TEditListBox with Style set to lbVirtual, but it causes errors when actually editing an item. My setup is simply something like this:

EditListBox2->Style = lbVirtual;
EditListBox2->AllowEdit = true;
EditListBox2->Count = 4;

It shows fine to start with, but if I edit an item it seems to delete it and then starts giving errors such as "List index out of bounds".

Is there something else I need in the setup? Thx.

Sorry, the TEditListBox is currently not taking this lbVirtual mode of the base class TListBox from which it descends in account and works directly on the underlying real listbox items.
We will need to investigate if we can adapt TEditListBox to work in virtual mode.

Ok thx, no hurry as I have used a different control now anyway.