How to connect the tdbsectionlistbox to the database ? 
Is this a direct connection to a table or a query ?
And how to set the fields that becomes the header ?

I use C ++ Builder 10 and Postgresql.


DBSectionListBox is designed to display different fields in different items from a dataset in a section.
To do this, set the datasource via DBSectionListBox.Sections[x].DataSource. Then add items for the DB fields you want to see in the section. Via '(%FIELDNAME%)' specifiers in the item's caption, you can set one or more DB fields that should be displayed in the item.

Hola, estoy intentando usar este componete, pero no me queda claro la forma, no podes ser mas explicativo


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Hi, I'm trying to use this component, but I'm not clear about the form, you can not be more explanatory Thanks and sorry

For a section where you want to see items from a datasource set TDBListSection.DataSource and then set DBListSection.Items[index].Text set the HTML text with placeholders for the DB-field values you want to see, for example : Name: <B><#PRENAME> <#NAME> </B> would show DB field PRENAME and NAME in Bold in the item