TDBPlanner - Alarm

Is there anything like TPlannerEditor and TPlannerRecurrencyEditor for Alarm? I didn't find anything. Well thank you.

Sorry, at this moment there isn't a specific editor for alarm editing included. You'd need to make a custom editing component for this.

The head is punched. I remembered something in DefaultEditor. If I want to have it complete, then I have to make my own.
Thank you for your response.

I'm trying to do AlarmEditForm according to your sources. I'm getting an error:

Project JasotSVB.exe raised exception class EResNotFound with message 'Resource TAlarmEditForm not found'.

I can't determine the cause. My knowledge is very weak.

  TAlarmPlannerEditForm = class(TForm)

  TjstAlarmEditor = class(TCustomItemEditor)
    FAlarmForm: TAlarmPlannerEditForm;

procedure TjstAlarmEditor.CreateEditor(AOwner: TComponent);
  FAlarmForm := TAlarmPlannerEditForm.Create(AOwner);

To create a form in code and not via loading from DFM , you need to call Form.CreateNew()