TDBLookupComboBox extrange behaviour

I Have a TDBLookupComboBox (named: lkpControl) control with this definition:

TDataSource : qrySource
DataField: FK_Field

TListSource: qryLookup
KeyField: Code_Field

All functions well but if i read programmatically the keyvalue as:

Variable = lkpControl->KeyValue

An exception is thrown saying that qrySource:Code_Field does not exist. It seems that the control is trying to read the value of the KeyField from qrySource instead of qryLookup.
Any Idea?
Thanks in advance
OK. I saw the code in advdblookupcombobox.pas and there is an error in it.
if DataSource is defined it uses keyfield as the field for the datasource (error) instead of using DataField. If DataSource is not defined then keyfield is used with listsource and all functions properly.
I hope it will be solved in the next revision.

You're correct about this issue. Thanks for reporting. We have fixed this.