TDBAdvSearchEdit Update SearchList


How can I manualy enforce a rebuild of the searchlist of the TDBAdvSearchEdit component. It looks like the list is build at the start of the application when a ListSource is known or when you set the ListSource. What I do know is that I set the ListSource to nil and then set is to the specific datasource again, but this is not the cleanest way. Is there a method I can call?

Thanks in advance!

Did you try to set the dataset.Active = false and then dataset.Active = true again?

Most likely that will work but I prefer not to close/open the dataset
everytime I need the searchlist beause of the overhead ( I use this
great component on many places in my application) I hoped that there
would be some method to refresh the searchlist.

We exposed a function for this. In the next update, you'll be able to use:

(DBAdvSearchEdit1.SearchList as TDBAdvSearchList).Reload;
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Thank you very much Bruno!