TDBAdvOfficeRadioGroup write only 0

TDBAdvOfficeRadioGroup always inserts me into DB 0.
I entered Values. They match ItemIndex.
How is it done correctly? Or is it a mistake?

I cannot see any problem here with TDBAdvOfficeRadioGroup.
As a test, I connected it with items 4,6,8,10,12 to the Cyl field in the DBAdvGrid\ADOEditing demo and it works as expected.

Um, I have embedded values using CnPack. Is this okay, or do I have to enter everything in one line and separate the values with a comma? As you mentioned above.dfm.frmInvoiceIncoming.dbdvfrgKindEnergy_038.Value 2020 11 02 21 18 46

I'm not familiar with CnPack.
It is supposed to be multiple lines of values in a stringlist.