TDBAdvGrid when empty I get exception


when my TDBAdvGrid has no records to show it shows an empty line. If I edit this, I get an exception.

Can this be solved? Or do I need to program a work arround?

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Do you have more details? Do you have grid.FixedRows >= 1?
Do you put the dataset in insert state?

FixedRows = 1
Dataset is only opened.

It happens with a CheckBox in the grid ! When I click a few times on the CheckBox.
The other fields are ReadOnly.

I tested this with the ADOSelection demo where I specified a filter to make the dataset empty but I could not reproduce a problem in this demo.
What are you doing different?

I test it with ADOEditing.
as you did I added a filter to empty the DataSet.
Now the grid shows an enpty row.
If I type something in for field Brand and I go to the next field, the record will be inserted into the database.
My Database has a primary key not null, and therefore I get an exception.

So the best solution would be not to have an empty row because it is not allowed in my grid to add a row.
DBAdvGrid1.Navigation.AllowInsertRow is false

Is that possible?

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There is at this moment not a setting to hide this empty row.
If you have a not null primary key, you might a) need to change grid.EditPostMode and/or b) use BeforePost to ensure the primary key has a value

I don't want to insert a row. I just want to show the rows which are there. And if non is there, there is no need to edit fields or even insert a row.

It would be great if you could add a setting to hide this empty row.
My companions also complained.

My work arround is to set the fields to ReadOnly when the DataSet is empty.

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Isn't there already a setting?

If DBAdvGrid1.Navigation.AllowInsertRow := false
I don't want to insert a row and therefore I don't need an empty row for inserting.

At this moment, there is not a setting for this to show no rows. The behavior is the same in this respect as the standard VCL TDBGrid.