TDBAdvGrid Rating Cell read only?

I am using a tDBAdvGrid and assigned Rating to a column for all rows.

dbadvgrid1.AddRating(c,r,5, clYellow,clSilver);

The cell displays the rating as expected and I'm also able to change the rating by clicking on the stars, but the value in the table is not changed. The table does not change into edit mode. All the other "normal" fields can be edited. Unfortunately there is no description in the TDBAdvGrid Developer Guide.

Is goEditing = true in grid.Options?

Yes, all other cells can be edited.

What are your full DBAdvGrid settings? From where do you add the rating control?
Please isolate this and send a sample source project with which we can reproduce this here so we can investigate this.

You may use DBAdvGrid ADOEditing Demo.
just add a button with this code:

procedure TForm1.Button3Click(Sender: TObject);
  dbadvgrid1.Options := dbadvgrid1.Options + [goColSizing];
  dbadvgrid1.AddRating(5, 5, 15, clGreen, clGray);

You'll notice it'll initially light the stars according to the previous field content, and will let you change it, but won't put the datasource in edit mode, nor will update table data.
Not even if you press edit on the navigator, then change the value, and then press post.

We could see this issue. We applied a fix. Next update will address this.