TDBAdvGrid queries

Hi there

I have 2 queries regarding the use of TDBAdvGrid

1. Is there any way to hide the column title row?

2. Is there a way to display a button at the top left of the grid (i.e. to add a new item)?  
The grid component we have been using allows a button to be displayed in this location so I am trying to replicate this functionality so the users don't have to hunt for it

Many thanks

  1. Did you try to set grid.FixedRows = 0?
    2. Did you try to call grid.AddButton() for cell 0,0?

Yes I tried setting the FixedRows but the minimum value for this is 1 (in the DBadvGrid>SetFixedRowsEx source it checks it is >= 1 before setting the value).

Thanks for the pointer on the AddButton :-)

Sorry, I overlooked this, it's only possible for TAdvStringGrid, not for TDBAdvGrid.