TDBAdvGrid OnCellValidate error in ide delphi


i have the version of the grid.

I use the ADOSelColor for the test, i add a OnCellValidate doing this:

   if (acol = 3) and (Length(value) < 4)  then begin
      label1.Caption := 'lenght invalid';
      Valid := False;

The validation is done because in my label1 i have the message, but i receive this error when running in the ide: raised exception class EOSError with message 'A call to an OS function failed'. But no error running the exe itself.

if i add this two line:
   DBAdvGrid1.InvalidEntryTitle := 'Input error';
   DBAdvGrid1.InvalidEntryText := 'Entry not sufficiently long';

When running in the ide Still the OS function failed. But when running the exe, it`s always looping in the verify process and never stop, have to kill the process.

In my real apps the apps crash because meaby it`s madshi capture partialy the error.



Any news?