TDBAdvGrid invalid pointer operation

I'm using a TDBAdvGrid, pagemode off and FilterEdit Enabled. When the user enters a value in the filter, this works fine. However, if the filter is active and the dataset is closed (for whatever reason), an 'Invalid Pointer Operation' error is raised.

I can prevent this error by setting the FilterEdit.Enabled = False, close the dataset, reopen the dataset en set FilterEdit.Enabled to true, but then the filter is reset.

I want to reopen the dataset (I have a good reason to close and open the dataset) with the filter still active and without the Invalid Pointer Operation.

Any ideas?

Is this with the latest version of TDBAdvGrid?

I have retested this here with a default TDBAdvGrid on the form and the code:

DBAdvGrid.PageMode = false;
DBAdvGrid.FilterEdit.Enabled := true

and two buttons to make a TADOTable active and inactive, but I cannot see a problem when I apply a filter and close the dataset and then reopen it.

If you use the latest version of the component, is there something different in your project?

Pagemode of the grid is indeed set to false.

We have version: of the TDBAdvGrid. You think an update of the component pack could solve this issue?


I would recommend to first test this with v2.4 as, as I explained, we cannot see any issue here testing this.