TDBAdvGrid Header Group

I need to create some "Header Group" like you can see in the image below for the colums "Risultato" that group the columns "Numerico" and "Letterale" or like the group "Status" (for the columns P,L,R,V,S,H) or like the Group "Esecuzione (for the coloumns "Analizzatore", "Data", "Ora", "Rack", "Pos.").

Any idea how I can do this?



Using the Grid.MergeCells() function should allow you to do this.

It not seems to work, maybe it was my fault, i've used:


but the grid remains unchanged

You want to merge at least 2 cells here, so last parameters would have to be 


Now it works, but i got a merged cell with one title, i can try to "format" the title using spaces but is not a nice result.

i need to mantain the separation for the column, like you can se under risultati column.

i've tryed to use 2 fixed header row, and merge the cells as i need, but i don't know how to set the title for these cells, when i merge 2 cells vertically i lose the title given from the heder field.

Hi, i'm sorry to bother you again...

I've used 2 fixed header row and using MergeCells function i've obtained something like this:

as you can see the merged row over "Letterale" and "Numerico" rows do not have a title, how i can set it?

Thank's i've done it using Cells[c,r] :)

That's indeed the easiest way to do this.