TDBAdvGrid functionality

Here I am again with a problem that, most likely has an easy fix, but I can't see it. I am using 5 TDBAdvGrid components. In the properties I set goEdit to true and made all the correct connections to my database.

In the beginning I could not make any of them work. I cannot change the FixedFont properties, nor can I change the cell font properties. I even tried to do it with with a button click. Nothing happened. Also when I run the application I can type in one row that shows in the dbgrid, but I cannot insert a new row (I set the property that should allow me to insert rows to true)

I even opened a database example that I downloaded from the website and compared properties one at a time. I set mine to the same properties as the example. Nothing changed. Then for some reason two of my dbgrids started working. I don't know why that happened. I then compared the properties of the two dbgrids that started working with the properties of the dbgrids that are not working. They are the same. There must be something I am overlooking, but I don't know that that is. HELP!

It is very hard to tell something about this without knowing more details. Could you contact us by email and provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce the problem here for investigation?

I sent the description of this problem by email via the website support form

I found the problem with navigation. It was a problem within Navigation and Options. I still don't know what will prevent me from editing fixed and cell fonts. Trying to work it out.

Did you set goEditing = true in grid.Options and is your dataset / fields editable?

I did set goEditing and the other properties that make the dbgrid function properly. It is now working it should in that respect. I still cannot change the FixedFont attributes, or the cell font attributes. It must be a similar fix. It must be something in the properties. I gone over the properties numerous times and I have not found any that would allow me to change the FixedFont properties.

Did you try to set the font/header font per column via grid.Columns[index].Font and grid.Columns[index].HeaderFont. Alternatively, you can also dynamically set this via the OnGetCellColor event.

 I am not a professional programmer. I am a Deputy Sheriff trying to write applications to help with the things we do.

Keeping that in mind... I don't have a clue about what you just told me to check :-)

I checked everything a few more times and I can't find anything similar to the things you mentioned. Would you mind clarifying your instructions to me.

Please see page 58 in the TAdvStringGrid Developers Guide:

Nancy Lescouhier2012-04-23 05:00:46

I read the TBAdvGrid user manual I followed the examples as much as I was able. Nothing changed, so I placed a TBAdvGrid Component on my project and it works fine. No problems. I can change all the fonts, alignments, and colors I want. I only have problems with the TDBAdvGrid. I think it may be a problem caused by connecting to a database. I just don't have access to any cell properties.

Could you contact us by email and provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce the problem here for investigation?

Sent my test project in email today

I sent my test project via email, so you could see the problem I am having. Have you been able to recreate the problem? Do you have any idea about the fix?

It is on the todolist, work overload has prevented us from allocating sufficient time so far to investigate this.