TDBAdvgrid Editing without primary key in SQlite

I'm successfully using the TDBAdvGrid with SQlite, it works great.

One issue I'm having is that if I don't display the primary key value in the grid, when I edit a cell, it fails with "Update Failed, found (x) records".  
I don't quite understand how the UPDATE statement is created from an edit, except that it usually works.
Is there a way around this, possibly by hiding the primary key column ?  I have not had success in hiding the column so far.


Did you try grid.HideColumn(prim_key_col)

I'd already tried that, and since it was the first column, I had been trying HideColumn(0) and it was having no effect. Turns out HideColumn(1) would properly remove that first column.

Thanks for your quick response.

Column 0 is the first fixed column , i.e. the column that typically contains the DB current record indicator but not an actual DB field.