TDBAdvGrid and VAlignment

I'm using the TDBAdvGrid version  for RAD Studio XE3 (C++ Project) and I having an issue with getting the VAlignment property to work.  I have serveral columns on which I have used the MergeColumnCells() function to merge identical cells into a single cell.  This works aspect works fine.  However, nothing I've tried has been able to change the vertical alignment of the merged cell.

I've tried the following setting the VAlignment property of the grid to vtaCenter, explicitly setting the cell, and setting the VAlign variable in the GetAlignment Event.   None of them have worked.

Is this a bug? Workaround?  Am I missing how to instruct the component to perform the alignment?


Did you set:

  DBAdvGrid1.WordWrap:= false;

Wordwrapped text is by design always top aligned (limitation in the Microsoft wordwrapped text drawing API)

That was the missing piece of the puzzle.